10 ORIGINAL Traveler Gifts to delight your friends

Let’s see, you have a friend who loves to travel and you don’t know what to give away. Right? Nowadays, gifts are complicated. We all have many things, but as a traveler, there is always something you need. I leave you my list of gifts for travelers, everything I wish or would have wished to have in my travels.

Let’s be clear, travelers have other priorities. Maybe those cute shoes or jackets that we saw in the sideboard and commented What’s cool! we can not take it in the suitcase, either because they take up a lot of space, or because they are not so comfortable to walk the hours provided.

But there are things that all travelers need. In most cases, we end up buying or self-giving, but when you get them from your loved ones it’s quite a tip!

So, I leave here the list of gifts for travelers that will make them happy to see your gift.

1. Sleep mask

In my house, I never used a sleep mask. How can you sleep with light entering through the window? I must admit that I never thought of using a mask. The first day it even bothered me. I thought I noticed it all the time, that it wasn’t comfortable But I gave it a second chance and got used to it quickly. I love him today. I even use it at home when I don’t travel. I prefer to have the blind open and put on the mask. So when I get up and uncover I see the sun. Yes, maybe your friend will not be as freak as me and only use it if necessary, but believe me, she will want to have a mask on more than one occasion. Especially if you go to northern Europe in the summer season. It is also very useful on long-distance flights. For long-distance flights, I have a cushion and mask kit .The cushion is inflatable, so I can easily carry it in my suitcase taking up little space.

2. Passport cover

It seems silly, but in addition to a protection for one of the things you need most in the world when you travel internationally. Having a case is much easier to find the passport in your bag. It is also useful so that the stickers of the suitcases do not get stuck in your passport. Yes, the airlines do not think that unhooking their stickers without breaking the passport is not easy. I have a few stuck in my passport that I can’t take off. In conclusion, a passport cover is a very good gift for travelers. It is also a very affordable gift.

3. Travel bag

If there is something we all need to travel it is a toiletry bag. Yes, boys need it and use it too. Of course, here comes the tastes of each person: size, color. The most important thing: make it really waterproof. Look at what needs your friend has and buy her that bag for her trips. My favorite is a bag that you can hang, like this woman’s striped bag .

4. Hand luggage liquid kit

Although you check suitcase, many times you want to carry some liquid in your hand luggage. A little make-up remover, soap, deodorant, or cream. The typical handheld travel liquid kit accepted by legislation is a good gift idea.

5. Raincoat

An umbrella is something that most times you forget at home or the hotel when it is really necessary. So, a raincoat can save you from a good shower. It is easier and lighter to transport.

There are many options:

  • layers of rain,
  • funny raincoats,
  • cut windy winds
  • basic raincoats …

If the raincoat can be used as a jacket, you kill two birds with one stone.

6. Suitcase

Your friend may not have a suitcase. Your suitcase is broken. Or you have decided that you want a backpack for your next trip. On any occasion, if you buy your suitcase, every time your suitcase comes out of the belt, it will remember you. Already have a suitcase or is your budget tighter? Then you can give him a tag for the cute suitcase to put his name and address in case of loss. The labels are ideal for recognizing the suitcase in the distance.

In Natura stores there are in the form of an airplane, or envelope, and in Amazon you find them in a thousand shapes and colors. I could not resist and bought a cactus-shaped one. How about?

7. Notebook

What if you buy that notebook where you write all your thoughts or notes for a future trip? It can even be a notebook that you use in your day-to-day travel motifs like a world map or a plane …

A notebook is always useful. There are many kinds of notebooks, I have had all kinds:

  • fine
  • thick
  • squared,
  • with lines …

Now I’m looking for some lighter ones that take up less space. And above all, that they have motivating phrases to start the day with energy. Personally, I love Zepper Pocket Dairies , as they have cute and motivating messages.

8. Universal adapter

This gift is pure practicality. The universal travel plug is a must if your friend is going around the world. In different parts of the world you find different plugs. Also if you travel to England you need an adapter, because the voltage is different. Now there are universal plug adapters with USB included. With them, you can charge the mobile directly.

9. Photo camera

In the digital era in which we live, the camera is one of the great protagonists of our trips. In this range, we enter several price ranges, but it is very easy. Everyone needs a camera to portray memories.

Did you break yours and need one? Bingo! Or maybe an analog camera to try new types of photography.

10. World map

Many travel lovers have a map, or a world ball, or a vinyl world at home. That allows you to keep dreaming every day. You can give him a world vinyl so he can have it on the wall and write down the destinations visited. Or the typical scratch world map that you discover the places visited There are thousands of original ideas. Did you see the new cork world map ? Everything will depend on the space you have.

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