5 Best Insightly Alternatives for your Business

When you are running a business, there are a number of costs and resources that you would have to juggle in order to earn profits. The resources and the cost of procuring and running those resources should match the revenues that are expected to make from the use of the same. This would pretty much dictate how well your business is doing and what your overall profit figures finally look like. So, at the end of the day, the resources that give you the highest number of conversions at a lesser cost would spell a win win situation for all business owners.

Now, with sales and marketing, most business owners feel like they never have enough resources – especially the small and growing enterprises and startups. The systems and processes we use will pretty much dictate how scalable we become. The various systems and softwares like Insightly and the alternatives to Insightly are just some of the systems that we use to organize our marketing and sales pipeline plus the efforts that are put in by the team members. The sales pipeline is one that has to be consistently organized with tasks that are matched with the right information that would be called up in an automated fashion. This is what we terms as CRM or customer relationship management. Let us go ahead and find out why this is so important and how it benefits a number of businesses in their journey of growth and profitability.

To begin with, it is imperative to be extremely organized when you have a vision in your mind. There are a number of things that would have to be taken care of when you are on your path towards profitability. CRM is a good way to go about this task in a seamless and efficient manner. An alternative to Insightly will organize your business and your team in the following ways:

  • Information: The very first thing that has to be considered when you are in the midst of starting or growing your business would be information. Today, there is a plethora of information being served up for takers who need to act fast and create relevant engagement around the same. Yet, it is not always easy to organize yourself and your business mourned this giant pile of big data that one can find online. This is where alternatives to unsightly step in. With a platform like Insightly or one of the many Insightly alternatives, you can organize the information in terms of the functions within the sales pipeline so that the most relevant pieces of information may be called up at the right time.
  • Professional Front: It is important to show that you have a professional front so that you and your business are taken more seriously and hence you can earn even more conversions. With a good Insightly alternative, you can achieve this professional front since you will be more organized in terms of your communication and deliverables when it comes to the various channels through which you can reach your potential customers.
  • Team: The team that drives you towards your success needs to be organized so that the team members are able to bring home the right amount of conversions for the profit figure that you would have set your sights on. The team would be organized in terms of automated notifications for their tasks once the previous task has been done so that you can eliminate the need for chaotic and constant communication as well as the mundane tasks that tend to eat into creativity and time.

These are the three main things that a CRM system like Insightly or the alternatives to Insightly would organize for you. People and business owners look for Insightly alternatives as the well known platform may sometimes be too expensive for small and upcoming businesses, even as the features sometimes fall short. Here are a few well know alternatives to Insightly that can help you with your CRM and marketing automation needs in the long run:

  1. EngageBay: This would possibly be one of the best alternatives to Insightly since it has a wide range of features that can cover all your exits as far as CRM frameworks, marketing automation and lead generation go. The sale accelerating features of Engage Bay come at an affordable cost with many different price points and plenty of support that can be sought at any time so that you can organize and build your own CRM framework based on their platform.
  2. Nimble: This is also a well known alternative to Insightly that brings in a number of features that can take your sales figures basically with email marketing. This also limits the range of reach that you can hope to achieve with this platform. Nimble CRM is also not the most affordable one that can help small businesses, though.
  3. Get Response: Get Response has come up as a well known email marketing and CRM platform, in recent times. It is considered a decent alternative to Insightly since it helps you find and nurture leads with the many different features aimed at sales acceleration. Additionally, Get Response also has a number of features that can help you track and analyze emails, with helpful insights in place.
  4. PipeDrive: This is a well known platform that can be a good alternative to Insightly. This CRM and marketing automation platform offers many features, even though it is not as affordable as other platforms like Engage Bay. The wide range of features however, do not cover all the channels that are available when it comes to reaching your customers.
  5. HatchBook: This is an upcoming and low cost CRM platform that helps you reach out to your customers, engage with them and basically better your chances of a conversion.

The above analysis shows that EngageBay is a clear winner when it comes to the world of CRM and marketing automation for the growth of your business.

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