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If someone thinks of graphic design, the first thing that comes to mind are the artistic advertisements, eye-catching graphics on the website, spectacularly aligned spreads in a magazine. While all these define the concept of graphic design to a certain extent, the term encompasses a lot. There are several definitions of the term, which you could check here as according to the American Institute of Graphics Arts (AIGA), the term is defined as “the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.” Next, designer Alexandros Clufetos “Graphic design takes graphical and textual elements and implements them into multiple types of media.

Principles and facts related to graphic designing

Now for a better understanding of the concept of graphic designing, there are several facts, or we can say principles associated with the term of graphics designing.

In India, Chennai is a prominent place to find good designing studios. The top graphic design studios in Chennai hire the best talents related to graphics design across the country. To learn a flawless work of graphics, a person needs to keep in mind the five essential facts of graphic design:


You must be familiar with the satisfactory feeling that you experience whenever you’re in a gorgeous, wide-open space. Well, the concept of graphic design works in a similar pattern. Often the best designs are not those, which try to incorporate every design element in the block onto a single composition. They cleverly allocate the open space to bring into notice the elements that matter. The space within a composition proves to be great only when the designer knows how to use it effectively. There are several rules related to utilizing space like, embracing the available space in interaction design, Printmaking, the elements of design, and many more.


When it comes to graphic designing, a person can explore creativity, but he also needs to maintain the balance. There is no need for the person to squeeze all the information into one small corner of the composition; it will create an imbalance of space and utility within the composition. The pieces of information and illustrations should be evenly spread across the composition to create balance and alignment. A proper balance and alignment is a core principle of graphic design. A person who focuses on this aspect makes the audience understand the message more clearly.

Line and Shape

These two build the foundation of any intricate design. How a person sees the lines and shape can completely influence the design’s looks and feelings. As you could check here, for example, a design incorporating a curve line will send a completely different meaning than a design with a straight line and sharp edges. Understanding the meaning of different lines and shapes can help a designer create designs, which align with the client’s brand, vision, and the approach that the client has towards the targeted audience.


The color of a particular design or composition is more than just the rainbow assortment of hues in a bag of skittles. If correctly used color influences the perception of the viewer, it has the power of delivering a message, which requires a thousand words, it can drive the engagement related to the post. The color that a person chooses is very important for the overall aesthetic; it helps the design connect to the appropriate audience. Further, if you want to use the color combination to your advantage, a knowledge of how each color affects the audience is very important, understanding the psychology of color, in-depth meaning behind each hue is an important aspect of understanding the color code.


Branding is concerned with how a designer brings out the business, products, services, and story of a company to life. To build this, all the above-mentioned facts should be kept in mind, and the design should be developed accordingly. The branding starts with a developing strategy and ends at a point where the story connects with the audience.


These facts regarding graphic designing are like the building blocks of the whole concept. Similar to the building blocks, each layer is placed on top of another layer until the foundation is laid out to create something incredible.

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