5 Tips to Help Your Startup Stand out in the Digital World

Remaining afloat in the digital world can be somewhat of a challenge: you start a business and at some point, along the way you realize just how much the competition is rough since new startups appear and disappear daily. Instead of allowing that knowledge to affect you negatively, you should observe these occurrences as a useful source of information. You can learn that, for instance, they were chasing after the wrong prospects or that their goals weren’t set clear enough. However, to reach the point where you can strategize about remaining afloat or growing for that matter, you first need to get noticed among many. With that in mind, here are the top 5 pieces of advice to help your business stand out in the digital world. 

SEO is your friend

Let’s first start with how to give people the opportunity to find your website – when they google some problem, your website should pop up among the first on the solutions’ list. Boosting your search engine ranking is not a one-time thing unless you wish to be extremely visible only for the duration of some promotional campaign, in which case paid ads would do the trick. (Un)fortunately, that would not help you in the long term since you have to earn your place on the results page by optimizing your website so that Google (or other search engines) can understand better what you do and rank you higher. If you don’t have a marketing team, you should consider hiring an agency that would optimize your website’s content, its architecture, as well as the links that lead from other websites to yours.

Offer high-standard UX

When people visit your newly launched website, they should feel at home: they should be able to navigate through it with ease without losing their way wandering about. So, one of the prerequisites of a quality user experience (UX) is to make navigation plain and simple or else you risk a high bounce rate.  Another important technical element to this story is the website’s loading speed. We live in a fast-paced world in which people are being smothered by mostly irrelevant information so when they come to your website, they want to find exactly what they have come for and they want to do it right away. This means you have just a few seconds before they leave without even checking the offer. Also, having in mind that smartphones have become the main tool for online shopping and information search while on the move, you need to ensure your website fulfills those requirements. 

Establish a unique visual identity

We are visual creatures: we love dressing up, decorating everything at Christmas and we are more likely to remember a person or an item if their visual appearance stood out in a way, as being either beautifully composed or mismatched and uncouth. This is why your brand’s visual identity, besides the mentioned content and website UX, plays an important part in your strategy to get noticed. For a memorable online presence, you require a unique visual identity that would be consistent across each illustration, icon, brochure, and infographic. This is why you need experienced professionals, such as the experts from Infostarters, who would know how to turn your semi-formed ideas and patchy guidelines into concrete and one-of-a-kind visual elements. Having a dedicated team tending to your visual identity can make all the difference when it comes to getting your brand noticed: after the first visit to your website, despite the multitude of websites they visit daily, your audience would have no problem finding it again.

Blog your way to visibility

Another interesting manner to grasp your audience’s attention is to add a blog section to your website. Nowadays, people enjoy reading informative articles about all kinds of topics due to them being entertaining or educational, depending on your niche and intentions. Brands that set aside time to share some of their findings or expertise with their audience are often perceived like they are not in it just for the money. This is why blogging is an excellent idea, if you do it right, of course. You need to establish a writing and posting schedule to remain consistent, which is another characteristic that people value. Your blog doesn’t have to consist only of written articles and you can mix things up a bit by adding videos, podcasts or webinars. This will help you grow your reputation as an expert in your field together with your customer base.

Involve the influencers

There is no denying: social media is the king when it comes to getting noticed because it gives you numerous tools to combine in whichever manner to engage your audience. One of these means is a particular type of social media user, that is, the influencers. Celebrities and regular people can both be in the role of influencers but what’s essential is that they are the trusted voices with a loyal group of followers that could become yours as well. If you notice an influencer getting interested in your products, ensure you connect with them, respond to each message, and offer them to try the products out for free so that they may be prompted to review it. This will give you that genuine publicity you need to expand your customer base significantly. 

Final thoughts 

The road to success is windy and before you can start planning on growing your startup’s customer base, you first need to set strong foundations and get noticed. You will do this by bringing many elements to work to your advantage: your website’s architecture, SEO efforts, visual identity, content, as well as social media followers. Together, these elements will help you be seen and become a memorable brand, which is the basis of achieving any goal you set your mind to.

Mia Taylor is  33 year old blogger who writes about beauty, fashion and travel. She had always been passionate about fashion and over time she had developed a style of her own.  Mia loves to mix and match and get inspire girls with her advice about outfit and accessories.  She loves telling a story about her travels, providing beauty tips with readers.

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