7 SEO Myths That You Should Never Follow

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In today’s post, we will talk about some of the facts that most bloggers consider to be true, yes, we are taking a lot of SEO myths or lies among people who are not truthful in any way. There have been some things about search engine optimization that have been shocked at some time before Google events, which some people are shocked to hear. Due to which blogging has caused some SEO related confusion. So here we will talk about 8 such SEO myths and keep the truth in front of you so that your confusion will be overcome.

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Some time ago in some cities, there were google events in which many bloggers visited and heard good news from Google. But in some of these events, some bloggers asked SEO related questions and some people lost their senses when they heard the answer.

Some people even started talking about these events as a spoiled time. And why not speak? Because Google told the blogger the truth that he could not understand properly and due to this misunderstanding, many misconceptions were born.

At first, I would say to you that what was said at the events is true. Yes, maybe there is a little bit different here. But due to not having much information about the search engine optimization of most bloggers and incomplete answers to google events, people seemed to be all liars.

Here you will tell about some of the SEO myths who have already been sitting in the minds of the people and due to some Google events, bloggers have become confused.

8 SEO Myths We Believe That We Believe

You will see many such websites that provide information related to search engine optimization and follow them and every new blogger SEO your blog, and it also has the advantage.

But if we say that nobody has any information about Google algorithm then it would be wrong to say that. Actually, Google never shares its secret with anyone or it will not show in the new website search result.

Now many questions start arising from here, how do you know so many information about professional bloggers? Why do people benefit from the information given by them? Why start coming to the new website search page by following the information of Pro Blogger Many such questions are natural in people’s mind. Whose exact answer is very difficult to answer.

Now, I would like to put my logic in front of a few questions that have become of the SEO myths due to the Google Events.

1. How should SEO do?

These questions were asked a lot in the events, how should we do our website’s search engine optimization, which would increase the ranking and traffic quickly?

These questions are very funny because you were asking google about its algorithm or strategy, which they never share. Because there is no such method and process in Google’s view. He has always been saying for many years that you write content only for users or readers, besides there is no search engine optimization method.

Now you will think that it is good then why should it be in the peril of this SEO when it is not needed. But if you only write content for readers, it will take more than 5-10 years for your site to become popular. And if you share your content according to both SEO and users, then your site can get high search traffic in 6 months only.

Search engine optimization is not a process that Google has shared, it’s just the trick that some blogger has created from his mind and has contributed thousands of experience bloggers in it. Someone did some research while somebody did some research. And this series cannot be over as Google algorithm update is coming from time to time, according to which there are some changes in SEO.

If I talk straight in the day, then search engine optimization is a black hat method. But white hat SEO and black hat SEO have been divided into two parts according to profit and loss.

This means that if you do over optimization, then a black hat and general way of doing content optimization then white hat becomes what the Google algorithm accepts. This means that our site is quickly benefited and google is not a problem.

Now think of yourself, if you ask Google about SEO, then it will give the same answer and not just write content for users.

2. How much should the keyword density be kept?

This question was also asked in the event that what should be the right keyword density in content. After that the answer was that keyword density does not make sense, just keep readers in mind and write content.

When Google has already clarified that content should only be written according to its users, then what is the question that will be achieved by asking such questions? It is the only person to ask questions, in my eyes, this question is just a joke.

Almost all bloggers have a density of 0.5-2.5% and this is the harsh truth. If you are a doubt, do one thing, create a website on which to write content only for users and use SEO on a different website. Then you will get the result that you personally understand that Google speaks the truth or the experienced bloggers lie.

3. What should be the length of the content?

This question was also asked a lot in the Google events, how many words should be posted in the post to rank fast or how many words are written in the post? The answer to which Google has given is that content length does not matter. I also agree with this answer to some extent.

But my say is a little different on this. Suppose if you write a post in 300 words then you can add 2 or 3 keywords to Muskel, and if the post is in 1000 words then you can mention more keywords and queries. More headings can be used in which a keyword is of great importance. Give your users complete information about that topic, which makes regular traffic better.

So to say that no reader likes the post with incomplete information. Therefore it is best to give full information about any topic to improve the blog’s search ranking quickly.

It also does not mean that the posts of 300 words will not rank. Will rank exactly but it depends on the topic. If you select a short topic then 250-500 words are enough. And if you write such a subject in 2000 words then there will be no meaning and readers will not even like to read.

If there is a big topic, then you can write it in the baskets 1000-2000 words because it is not possible to describe it in lower words. More types of keywords come in this type of post so that the search rank is quickly boosted.

4. Does fetch post early index from google?

This is a feature of the search console that some people use to get their posts fast indexed. There is nothing like this that is absolutely false. This is just a tale of people who do not know about search engine crawling and indexing, nor do they look at other bloggers.

Only by fetch as google can we check that our post will show how the search result in google bots crawl. We can also call it to demo. If someone says that it has the advantage of SEO, then only it can say SEO myths.

Some people say that the use of fetch as google can spoil the ranking of the blog, which is completely false. You do not have to daily fetch or do your content, it does not affect ranking or blog SEO.

5. Guest posting is no longer beneficial for Blog SEO

You may have read on many blogs that now blogs do not benefit from guest blogging in today’s time, it is a lie and it is just SEO myths. Because posting a blog improves the ranking of blogs very fast.

But yes we have to select the right website for this. We have to put a guest post on a website that is related to your blog topics and its domain authority is also great.

6. Paid from SEO Service does not come on top of the blog

I do not remember correctly, but yes I have read on such a blog that those who pay paid SEO service just make fools, it can be said only as SEO myths because it is completely false. In today’s time, there are many such agencies who provide such a service and take that money.

With Paid SEO service, we can bring our blog to the top in the search engine, there should be no doubt. But yes you should take the service from the right place for this.

This does not mean that we can not afford to spend our site without spending money, but we must work hard for it.

7. Submitting a website’s sitemap boosts the ranking faster

If someone says such a thing, it can be said to be a victim of SEO myths, because it does not happen, sitemap submit of any blog is done so that whenever any new post is published on our blog, Google bots can Get quick and automatic information, so you do not have to manually tell Google or another search engine about the new post.

Because to tell manually we have to ping the post in the search engine, after which the bots are known about the update, which is why it is wasted all of our time.

Whenever we update the old post of our blog, the search engine is automatically detected by sitemap and it crawls and indexes it.

I hope you have understood about 8 SEO myths and your confusion may have gone away, even if you have a question in mind, then you can ask by comment, and if you went to Google events and If there is a question that has been confused, then you can also comment by sharing it with us. If the post looks good, do not forget to share it.

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