Buying YouTube Subscribers And Views: Myths and Facts


YouTube is the biggest video media platform on the internet, and it harbors many great creators. Creators like PewDiePie, Mr.Beast, and Dude Perfect have had their lives changed due to YouTube. Some people try their best, but can’t seem to grow their subscribers count or have more people watch their content. If you’re one of them, you must have heard of buying YouTuber subscribers. If you are looking to buy YouTube subscribers and views, here are some myths and facts that you should know:

Myth: Buying any YouTube promotional service is illegal.
Fact: Buying YouTube promotional services is perfectly legal, as long as real users generate them.
YouTube has a very strict policy system. You can’t plagiarize stuff. You can’t post content on other people without their consent. You can’t use content from other people or you’ll get copystriked. Even veteran creators have issues with YouTube’s policy system. But there is nothing in YouTube’s Term of Service related to buying subscribers. If you’re one the people that have bought subscribers, do not fret. You’re in the safe zone.

Myth: YouTube will delete your bought views.
Fact: YouTube will delete your bought views only if they’re bot-generated.
YouTube checks all video views as soon as the views counter reaches 301. If the algorithm finds that human beings do not generate your views and that bots artificially generate all your views, they’ll freeze the video at 301 views. If your video gets “stuck” on 301 views after making a purchase, you may need to switch providers and find a better place to buy real YouTube views.

Myth: Buying YouTube is bad for SEO.
Fact: Buying YouTube views is good for SEO.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Every search engine on the internet uses various algorithms and techniques to rank content for their website. Google does it, DuckDuckGo does it, and so does YouTube. YouTube ranks videos on its website in a very mysterious way. But we do know that more viewed videos rank higher on YouTube. If you buy subscribers and views, your videos will rank better too.

Myth: All bought views are bots or the same.
Fact: There are two main types of views you can buy.
One of the most popular myths surrounding buying YouTube promotional services is that they are all fake. This statement, however, is not always true. If you choose a high-quality provider, you’ll be paying real people to subscribe to your account, and real people to watch your videos.
The most relatable example of this is the way ads work on YouTube. Ad companies pay YouTube a set amount of money to show these ads to a certain amount of people.

Myth: All bought comments are fake or generic
Fact: You can purchase real, customized comments.
This myth is not unbiased. In the beginning, companies that sold subscribers and viewers also offered generic or fake comments like ‘nice video’ or ‘informative video, thanks,’ to make your videos seem more engaging to potential viewers and subscribers. But now, the world has changed. You can now buy authentic Subscribers that will leave relevant comments on your videos.

Myth: No one actually buys YouTube views (or any other service)
Fact: Everybody does it.
Plenty of YouTubers have kick-started their YouTube career by buying subscribers and views for their channel and videos. They did this because they know that buying subscribers and views is a valid strategy. So if you’re feeling bad about buying subscribers or views, don’t. Everyone does this to boost their organic growth.

The rest is totally up to you. You’re the leader of your own choices.

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