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Social Networking Site for College Students – Free PHP Projects – Like Facebook

Social Networking Site for College Students

This is a social networking site project for college students developed in PHP. Here students have to register on this website, then they have to login to the site. Then students will have to send a request to…

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Online Hotel Management System PHP Project – Source Code and Project Report

Online Hotel Management System

As the name suggests, online hotel management system allows customers at the global level to reserve hotel rooms at any time. It will functionally provide a unique search and book for customers anywhere in the world. This project…

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Online Notice Board Free PHP Project – Download With Source Code

online notice board

Features: Login/Register System. Password And Profile can be updated easily anytime. Admin panel. Download Also –  Online Examination System – Free PHP Projects In this project, users can get every update from their respective college or organization. This site…

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online examination system – Free PHP Projects

Online examination system

Today, the online examination system has become a fast-growing test method due to its speed and accuracy. It also requires less manpower to execute the exam. Nowadays almost all organizations are organizing their objectives by online examination system,…

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