Do ISPs in New York have 24/7 customer service?

If we talk about internet access in New York, the average home has accessibility to almost 5 Internet Service Providers. In comparison to other cities, the competition here is pretty good. This competition is interlinked with low prices.

We get statistics through a combination of government based data from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and private data sets taken from ISPs. Moreover, for calculations that revolve around speed and performance, mostly M-Labs are being used. Some researchers have compiled manual details of about 584 internet packages available in the market of New York to date.


Spectrum internet has a 99.9% accessibility rate in New York with internet speeds of up to 940 Mbps.

Verizon High-Speed Internet is 98.6% serviceable in New York with internet speeds of up to 15 Mbps.

EarthLink has a 95.9% accessibility rate in New York offering up to 15 Mbps Internet speed.

Verizon FiOS has an 82.5% serviceability rate in New York delivering up to 950 Mbps of internet speed.

RCN has a 34.8% availability rate in New York, offering up to 1,000 Mbps internet speed.

Consolidated has a 7.4% serviceability rate in New York, delivering up to 50 Mbps internet speed.

Starry Internet has a 1.0% availability rate in New York with internet speeds of up to 200 Mbps.

Viasat has 100.0% serviceability in New York, delivering up to 35 Mbps internet speed.

Hughes Net has 100.0% serviceability in New York with internet speeds of up to 25 Mbps.

There are about 60 internet service providers available in New York among them, 15 ISPs offer residential services. This makes New York the most well-connected city in the US, followed by Jersey City, Weehawken, Long Island City, Union City, and Hoboken. You should check LocalCableDeals, you would be able to get the list of all the available ISPs in your area, after entering your zip code in the zip code bar of the website and speak to their customer service team if you have got any questions. Here is the link for finding amazing deals and all the leading internet service providers in the US:

The most widespread wire-based internet services are cable with nearly 100% coverage and fiber with 82.5% of coverage as per available tech network. For residence of the city, the most usual choice for internet is TV service providers as they can influence already available coaxial TV cables for internet services

Among fiber and cable customers of ISPs including Spectrum, consumers tend to choose cable because of adequate speed at low prices. Fiber is made up of modern fiber optic cables that are comprised of glass hair-like strands. In fiber cables data is being transmitted by light through these strands. Due to such infrastructure fiber makes broadband speed in New York 39.30 percent faster. Although the downloading experience through fiber services is better and faster, yet fiber might not be able to supply gigabit performance.

One of the most prevailing choices of the internet in New York is via satellite internet. They can provide services to almost 100% of zones in New York. Another popular choice is Hughes Net, with somewhat 100% local services based on satellite broadcast. In New York, it’s the best plan available in 25 Mbps.

Well, wireless services are also one of the available options for the internet. For instance, Starry Wireless Internet Service is capable of providing 200 MB speed. Altogether 45 internet service providers are offering services to businesses and enterprises. The aforementioned internet providers also include providers that are selling plans online and the ones who are selling their services to both business and residential.


Most of the ISPs covering the maximum locations of New York have their customer service teams well equipped and trained available to help their customers on more than one platform. The ISP customers can directly call and speak to the CS rep, write an email, message, or tweet the ISP on their official social media accounts, chat live if that option is available. Though, ISPs like Spectrum, Xfinity, Mediacom, Cox, etc have their customer support actively helping and guiding their valuable clients. They also have their presence and support teams active on the various platform to answer the queries and offer quick fixes to their existing customers if needed.

Those ISPs that do not have 24×7 customer support via phones and follow certain working hours, still have other options where they can be reached for quick answers or assistance related to their services during off-hours.

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