Download Free Online Hotel Management System In Java

The online hotel management system project in JAVA is a desktop application that has been implemented in the Java platform. Online Hotel Management System A guide to developing Java project tutorials and code. Entity-Relationships (er) diagram, Data flow diagram (DFD), Sequence diagram and Software Requirements Specification (SRS) of the online hotel management system in the report file. Download the online hotel management system desktop application project in Java with source code. Latest Java project with source code.

The application of the Hotel Management System bears the following functions to use by the Administrator.

  1. Room status
  2. New Room inauguration
  3. Allocated Room Modification
  4. Details for the Customer Check in and Check out
  5. New Customer Admission
  6. Allocation of Room as per the Customer Interest
  7. Statement and Transactions of the Customer
  8. Total Customers Present In The Hotel
  9. Separate Customer Report.
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