Download Free PHP Project Content Management System with source code

Content Management System is a web based application that helps individuals, companies, web designers and administrators to create and manage websites easily. The purpose of this project is to simplify web development by giving people a tool to simplify the website’s beautiful website or blog and management management. Some of the features of the software will be:

  • Creating a website or blog.
  • Change theme of that website.
  • Managing that website.

The first thing to talk about is to install this system in your web server directory. If you are using a WAMP server, just copy the system files and paste it into the www folder.

After that open your web-browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox then in URL bar write localhost Or

You need to follow the instruction in order to install this system successful

      1. Go to your Database and create a database.
      2. Go in config file available in controller Folder and edit it by providing your database name, hostname and the password
      3. Fill the form by providing
        • Site Type
        • Site Name
        • Admin Email
        • Admin Username
        • Admin Password
        • Re-enter Admin Password

    Note: The following button used to change language just click it to change language

    1. After filling all the input required then click


    1. Tables will be created in the database you specified then login to your account by using

Admin Username

    1.  and


    1. After that click Login then if the provided username and password is correct to the one in the database then you will be logged in else if the provided username and password is incorrect to the one in the database then you will need to repeate logging in.


Pages is the part our system where we can put a description of a particular issue.


How to create Page


You can create a page by clicking the Page link in the Navigation bar the click on create new page.

After that Fill the inputs by providing your page name , Page contents and the status of the page if it is Published or saved :: The saved page will not be displayed on the menu until they are Published You can view all Pages you created by click All Pages link above…

You can view ,edit and Delete Pages as you want.


In our system we use Category to categorize our Posts.You can create a Category by clicking the Category link in the Navigation bar the click on create new Category

After that Fill the input by providing your Category name . You can view all Categories you created by click All Categories link above…

You can view ,edit and Delete Categories as you want.


To create menu in our system is Simple as creating pages and categories You can create menu by clicking Menu on the navigation menu of your admin panel and click Create new menu

There you can enter menu name and position of your menu.

:: Position of menu depends on the theme.

You can add menu pages and categories by click all menus and edit a menu yo want to add pages and categories
The following page will open then you can click add to add that page or category.


You can add new theme of your website by uploading it.
Click in themes then add new theme there you can upload that theme and the theme must be in Zip format.


How to Create your own theme?


It is simple but you need to know Html, Css and Php
Because we are sing Object Orinted Programming so you need to have a basics knowledge of that.

Only you need to do is to create an html interface with css stylesheet and Calling php methods that can be used to call specific function.

The following are methods we are using:
In Categories Fist include models/categories.php

  1. $profile->posts ————– View specific category Posts
In Header Fist include models/header.php
  1. $header->head ————– Show site title
  2. $header->topmenu ————– Show Top menu
  3. $header->navmenu ————– Show Navigation Menu
  4. $header->bottommenu ————– Show Bottom menu
In Pages Fist include models/pages.php
  1. $profile->pageyenyewe ————– View Page on the menu


To add media in this sytem just go to the navigation menu and click Media there you can see all the photos you add.

To add new photo just click Add new Media and the following page will open

Then browse your photo and click add.


To add Post in your website click Posts in the navigation menu then click Create new Post

There you can add post title,post contents and choose category where your post will be displayed.

You can edit your Posts contents by using small buttons above. Also you can add photo by clicking on the photo button and provide photo URL adding from the Media Gallery.


In Users page you can add, edit and delete users of the system and also you can provide authority for users this authority will be either Admin or Author

To add new user click in Users then Add new User

And to view all users just click in All user link above.

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