Four Steps to Host a Website With MilesWeb In 10 Minutes

Four Steps to Host a Website With MilesWeb In 10 Minutes

In this competitive world, building a website is an important to step to create an online presence. Therefore, getting the best web designer or website builder tool is essential for the user.

Now, you’ll ask how Web Hosting USA plays an important role. Then the answer is quite simple. With the help of web hosting service only you can bring your website online with no time.

So, MilesWeb is the best web host which will help you to host your website and make it live globally in 10 minutes, just by following these four steps.

1) Register a Domain

It’s like selecting a name for the physical business. Similarly, to take that business online via a website, you have to select a domain name for your website. If you’re dealing in the service industry, then you need a website, domain and web hosting. Therefore, you have to select a domain name first and once it’s finalized then register the same with your selected web hosting provider.

After domain, next step is to select domain extension. The domain extension is the last part of a domain name – the letter that comes after the dot to the right of any domain name. For example, .com, .in, .uk, .ca, etc. MilesWeb’s domain service is starting from Rs. 749 only. For more details, contact their sales team at

2) Buy Web Hosting Service

The ultimate step is to buy the Unlimited Web Hosting service to host your website. MilesWeb web hosting plans are starting from Rs.72/mo only. If you’re new to hosting, then you can trust MilesWeb to host your website. Further, if you’re looking to switch your current web hosting provider, then MilesWeb offers free website migration feature that will make your migration process easy. However, the feature list of MilesWeb services is enormous.

Three main benefits of selecting MilesWeb are 24*7*365 days support service – chat, email and phone, 99.95% uptime with datacenters USA, UK and India and 30 days money back.

Check below price list of MilesWeb products:

Web hosting – Rs.72/ mo

Linux Shared hosting – Rs.60/ mo

Windows shared hosting – Rs.120/ mo

Linux Reseller hosting – Rs.290/ mo

Windows Reseller hosting – Rs. 1008/ mo

WordPress hosting – Rs.69/ mo

VPS hosting – Rs. 860/ mo (Global server locations)

Windows VPS hosting – Rs. 1200/ mo (Global server locations)

Dedicated hosting – Rs. 5687.50/ mo

Cloud Business hosting – Rs. 1904/ mo

MilesWeb aims to provide competitive service, and the above price list has clearly stated that they are offering the best price to their customers. Further, you can select any plan depending on your requirement.

3) Select a Hosting Server

Generally, static HTML website gets hosted on any web server. On the other side, if there’s an application based website, then you have two options: Linux and Windows hosting.

Linux Hosting

It is a very popular type of OS that is used by every business. Linux hosting allows you to utilize these scripts like PHP, Perl, Python and others. In addition, it also runs well on MySQL databases.

Windows Hosting

Another most popular OS is Windows hosting. Microsoft applications such as ASP, ASP .NET, Frontpage, Visual Basic, MS Access or MS SQL Databases within their websites are applicable in Windows hosting.

4) Upload a website

After selecting an operating system, the last step is to upload the website. This can be done by connecting to the server with the help of cPanel’s File Manager or FTP Client like FileZilla. Let’s check steps to upload a website using the cPanel file manager.

  • First login to your cPanel.
  • Click on the symbol called File Manager.
  • Select a Web Root and click on Go
  • Place all the files and folders under public_html and domain folder.

How to Host a Website Developed Using Site Builder?

The technology used in web hosting and web design industry is getting augmented. You must be wondering, why I am telling this to you? You don’t require detail knowledge or to be an expert to use technology like site builder to design your website.

This tool is designed in such a way that it can be used by newbie and professional at free of cost. In the same way, MilesWeb offers a free website builder feature included almost in every plan. With this tool, you can select the template, include content/images and publish your website,

Select the template, add your content/images and publish your website. No coding skills or technical background required.

How To Develop Website in WordPress or any Other Tool?

Another way to design the website or blog is through 1 – click installer. MilesWeb’s all plans include 1 – click installer feature that helps to develop your website or blog using any CMS from the Softaculous in the cPanel.

You get two choices either it can be through 1 – click installer or manual installation via FTP or file manager. If you have a question then the contact support team of MilesWeb as they are available 24*7*365 days to help their clients.

Final Words

MilesWeb is the best web hosting provider not only in India but also in overseas. They were established in 2012 and in short span of time, they have become the first choice of people in the web hosting industry. Give a try to MilesWeb and experience a better web hosting service.

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