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Backlinks are hyperlinks that are linking from any third-party website to your own site. These are basically inbound links that direct someone to your website through other domains around the web.

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), backlinks play an important role by helping search engines understand how relevant your site is and whether the site deserves to achieve a higher rank on the search engine results. The formula is simple: the more high-quality links your site has established on other webpages, the higher are the chances to rank higher on search engines. This is why the use of backlink generator tools has become a popular practice.

How important are backlinks?

It has been confirmed by Google that backlinks are one of the major elements that boost up a website’s rank. It helps to generate and attract targeted referral traffic towards your site.

  •  Quality over quantity

Backlink generator software has become an essential tool for any marketer. However, before you subscribe to the services of a backlink generator tool, it is important to understand key elements when generating a backlink for your website. Not all backlinks created may produce outstanding results. When creating backlinks on other websites to link back to yours, quality beats quantity. The type of link created should have a positive impact on the ranking of your site.

Some of the important factors are mentioned below that should be considered to assess the quality of the backlinks. Let’s look at them:

  • Domain and page authority

Authority of a website determines how well the site is likely to rank in search engines on a scale of 1 to 100. A link created on a website with a high authority score is likely to bring greater traffic as compared to links built on low authority websites. The backlink generator tool that you opt for should be able to create links for your site on domains and pages with higher authority.

  • Content relevance

Search engines want to provide their users with the most relevant content they are looking for. A backlink created from a website that is particularly relevant to your niche or your business will have a positive effect on your site. For instance, you have a site that promotes wedding photography. Backlinks from wedding blogs, wedding directories, or photography blogs would have high relevance for your website. Hence, a backlink generator tool should be able to create backlinks from relevant sites.

  • Website Diversity

A website that has built its backlink profile over time through a range of different websites is more likely to be a search engine favorite. A backlink generator tool that can help to create backlinks on a range of websites and the results will be generated instantly. Best Backlink Generator tool There are many ways through which you can make your website popular, most of all, attracting the right visitors. Creating backlinks is regarded as one of the best-known methods to boost up the traffic of your site. Hence, we will talk about the well-recognized tools that can be found in the market.

1. Domain Pinger

This well-known backlink maker can take your blog or website to new heights as it helps to create links on the top sites of Google. Domain Pinger has authority from the well-recognized sites of the internet that allows free listing of links, thus creating backlink support for your website or blog. It can create backlinks on around 2000+ different websites.

2. SEO Unity Backlink Builder

SEO Unity backlink builder is a free tool that can create the backlink of your website on around 1,500 plus locations. The advantage of using the services of SEO Unity Backlink Builder is that the service provider uses validated and legal websites, saving you from unauthorized websites.

3. Smart SEO Tools

High-quality backlinks can automatically be created by yet another popular tool, Smart SEO Tools. This powerful tool can boost up the exposure of your website within minutes. The web pages included in their list are high ranked websites.

4. SearchEngineReports

If you are looking for high quality and relevant backlinks for your webpage, then the backlink maker service provided by SearchEngineReports is what you need. searchenginereports is offering a free backlink generator tool that lets you create natural and non-spammy links for your site.

To make this work, you just need to invest a few minutes on the tool. Without the need to install any software, you can have your backlinks created online. Just visit the site, enter your URL in the text box and hit the “Make Backlinks” button. Now let the tool do the magic, and in a matter of seconds, you will get the backlinks for the URL you entered.

That’s it!

From Google’s perspective, when other websites put up links of your web page, you are seen as a trustworthy name in a market with millions of websites. So, in order to maintain the trust and boost your online exposure, pick the best backlink generator tool for your site today.

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