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Blog Commenting – If your blog is new, then getting traffic is a natural problem because new site does not have any authority due to which its content does not show up in the top of the search engine, so organic traffic is also not equal and the ranking is too much remains low The first thing to bring a new blog into search is to bring traffic to social media and blog commenting on it. So that people know about you After that Google also starts to improve SERP rank gradually. So in this post, we will tell you how to comment on blogs on how to get 1000 page views per day on your blog.

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In the first place let me tell you that this is not a one or two day work, you will have to do it regularly, then you will get such a good traffic. Many new bloggers make the same mistake that they comment on other websites for two to four days, but after that, they start laziness, and history is a witness that in blogging, whoever brought laziness in his body, never goes ahead Have got. She is often spreading in blogging.

Commenting on other blogs just does not get the traffic, but you get recognition among other bloggers and also get backlinks that are just as essential for any blog as needed, as high-quality content. If anyone of these is also reduced, then getting traffic is very difficult. Let’s know about some backlinks.

When your blog link is linked to another website or blog then it is called backlink. This is a very important part of an SEO (search engine optimization) that comes under Offpage SEO.

This is a method by which we can increase the SERP ranking of our website. This new and old blogs of all kinds are very important to everyone. Well to understand the backline well, we have written a separate article which you can read from here, why the backlinks for the website are necessary

Friends blog commenting is an easy way through which we can get both backlink and traffic for our blog. This way, web page’s page rank, domain authority and MozRank can improve on the top of the search engine.

Commenting on approximately 96% of blogs, nofollow links are available, so that the blog’s ranking is not directly improved because these links do not pass the juice, but this makes your blog better with referral traffic and increasing your identity from other bloggers so that your popularity increases. is.

And when Google sees that there are readers on this site, it also starts displaying your website in the search engine. This way, the authority of the new blog starts to improve. With blog commenting, you can generate great traffic for your blog, but your blog’s reputation also goes up.

How to get per day 1000 traffic from blog commenting?

These questions must have come to your mind that how good a traffic can come in such a way? is impossible! More than that, even more, pageviews come easily, it needs to be understood in mathematics and it requires good diligence –

Suppose you made a comment on any blog that gives you 10 visitors which is normal, now if you comment on 6-7 blogs, then the visitors who you see will be 10 x 7 = 70 users. Now if you have great content on your website, then every user will usually do 3 pageviews, then 70 x 3 = 210 pageviews will be available in one day by blog commenting.

If you comment on regular 3 days different blogs then there are total 21 comments, whose users were 21 x 10 = 210, now their pageviews are 210 x 3 = 630.

Now, you can get daily 2-5 visitors only with more than three days old comments, but if you take an average of about 100 comments, 500 readers will come in the form of referral on your blog, which will come in the form of minimum 500 x 3 = 1500 pageviews will be provided. But it will be less regular if only then such a great traffic will be available.

How to get 1000 traffic to commenting blog?
If you are running English blog then you have to do the most comments on the Indian website, because these languages are better understood than just Indian user.

This does not mean that there is no comment on any English site but also commented on English blogs but be careful if your site is in English (Roman English) then you India can comment on India as well as other countries like Pakistan, Nepal etc.

When commenting on any site, take special care of the things mentioned below –

  • Enter your real name
  • Enter your real email address that has a gravatar profile, which will show in your picture comment.
  • Just put the homepage URL of your blog (Blog URL) does not want to link any post, otherwise, your website will remove the link or you can not publish it.
  • Comment message Writing at least 75-100 words should also be related to that topic you are commenting on.
  • Before writing the message, you must read the post carefully so that you can share the question or your thoughts, there is no such thing at any post without comment, or the site owner understands that it only understands backlink and referral traffic If this happens, they will not publish or remove your link and at the same time, your image will also get worse.
  • One day, only 5-7 is to make a comment on the blogs, do not have to do two four comments at the same blog together.
  • Just comment on such a post which is either latest or even very few people have already commented.
  • Commenting on such blogs, whose domain authority is at least 10 Can check any blog’s DA
  • Most of the blogs that are related to your blog topic (Niche), sometimes can be done on the site of other niche but it is very rare.
  • Most people thank you, nice sharing, Amazing post, do not forget about this kind of comment.

These rules are to be followed by blog commenting, you can bring traffic from 1000 to your site.

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