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There are many bloggers with internal linking done incorrectly, due to which their website gets spam and stop getting traffic from the search engine. Therefore, it is very important for all bloggers to add internal links carefully to their blog posts, otherwise due to negative SEO can be a big problem. In today I will tell you how to do internal linking and what are the advantages of internal links? We hope this information will help you greatly increase your blogging knowledge.

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I’ve seen many blogs that add post links to any topic in any topic, which is completely wrong, it is considered as a negative SEO practice. And not so much if a similar strategy is being repeated on a blog and similar linking has been done in many posts, then Google puts such a site in the spam category.

What is Internal Linking?

Although most people know about this, but still want to tell in short, when we write a new post, we have to add links to some old posts in our blog. This process is called internal linking in blogging.

For example, you can open any one of my posts and see that links to other posts have been added and it is very much needed to improve the SEO of any blog.

But this is important for the site, but if you do wrong by linking it then there is also a great side effect. So it is more important to have the right information about it in the right way, which I am going to tell further.

How to do internal linking?

We can do internal linking in two ways, first by using anchor text and using second post title.

Using Anchor Text 

Whenever you write a new post, while writing, it should be taken into account that you should mention them in content keeping in view the old posts related to the topic of this new post.

Let’s try to understand it in simpler terms that suppose you are writing a new post and it is related to the SEO category, now you should choose the old post of this category for internal linking.

But while always linking it is important to keep in mind that repeated link adds on the same anchor text. As you have linked add to anchor text in another post for the link of a post, “Advantages of SEO”, then now you should not add a link in the new post on this anchor text.

You will now choose fresh anchor text for the new post, but the main keyword of your post should be like “benefits of SEO”. Similarly, next time you will write new posts for this category and use the link of the same old post for internal links, again this time you will have to select such anchor text in which the main keyword of that old post should also come. And anchor text is also unique such as “SEO benefits” or “SEO profits” and so on.

Similarly, it is extremely important to select a unique anchor text for each and every internal link, which gives a tremendously positive effect on the blog’s search engine optimization.

Using Post Title

There is also an art to write a post. Very few people can write an article in which the anchor text is included for the old post and sometimes the anchor text is not included in the absence of the right content.

But internal links are very important for the new post, so this is the solution that you can use the main keyword of an old post to make a great fresh title and by linking a two old post by typing “Read Also” or “Other Useful Info” Can.

But keep in mind that always be the unique title and it also includes the main keyword of the old post. And add these internal links where the issues are being relayed from these topics.

One more thing in this also is that I always want to add links to related topics, do not use other categories or old content with other topics for forgot for internal linking.

I Think How do I have to link the post, it has been cleared, even if you have any doubt, feel free to ask in the comment. Now let’s also light a little bit about what benefits blogs have with internal linking.

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Advantages of Internal Linking:

From the Internal Links, the following profits are met by search engine optimization –

Improve internal page rank – When we add links to old posts in a new post of our blog, those posts have a link juce with new post, which gives them more power so that their page rank is improved and Visibility also increases in their search engine.

Improve Crawling and Indexing – When you add internal links to a new post, search engine bots index all of your links, so that the problem of indexing is solved and you do not have to do any extra work for it, all Something gets automated.

Reduce Bounce Rate – When you add related links correctly to any post, then it reduces the bounce rate of your blog, and the ranking of the site whose bounce rate is correct will automatically improve. goes. Along with this, there is a widespread improvement in search visibility when the bounce rate is low.

Improve Pageviews – The bloggers who have a great way in my blog, as I mentioned above, manipulate the internal links in the right place, their Pageviews are increasing day by day, and the site that has good page views can be found on the search engine result page (SERP ) Also goes into priority improvement, so that the traffic on that blog gets better every day.

Now, I hope you know how to do internal linking properly and how much it is necessary for internal links blog. If you have to ask something about this information or give your opinion, please tell us clearly by commenting. If the information is good, then share it on Facebook and tell other bloggers about it too.

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