Things to Remember before Hiring a WordPress Developer

WordPress is a very famous content management system. It has gained 58.7% of the CMS market share due to its ease, versatility and uniqueness. 27% of the total websites run on WordPress; which are millions if we count in numbers.

Well, all of these statistics may lure you for choosing WordPress over other web developing platforms for your website. But you will need expert help to get the full benefit of WordPress.

Many WordPress development companies help businesses to create unique and amazing websites. However, you can set-up a basic or average WordPress website even without the help of these companies.

Still, hiring a WordPress developer would be a plus point because he knows everything about the platform. Finding the right WordPress developer isn’t an easy task.

You should remember a few things before hiring any WordPress development company or any individual for developing your WordPress website. Let’s have a look at these points:

  1. The Candidate must Possess Adequate Technical Knowledge:

Although non-tech people can also understand and use WordPress, still you should look for a technical person. A person with technical knowledge can understand various development needs and plugins of WordPress better than a non-technical one.

But, don’t hire a person who just has knowledge of PHP because the scripting language of WordPress is PHP. Look for a developer who has sound knowledge of HTML/XHTML, MySQL and CSS as well. All this technical knowledge will be helpful in creating an exceptional WordPress site.

  1. Ensure that Candidates Understand the Scope of Work:

Many people apply for a position just by reading its headline. They don’t read the whole job description as the candidates have to apply for various job openings. So, it’s your responsibility to convey the right information at the beginning of the interview.

Many of them may think that you need a developer who can work with minor updates or can make basic changes on the website. However, if you need a developer who can create a website from scratch and perform extensive tasks related to WordPress, then you should tell it clearly.

Doing this will eliminate any confusion and candidates will also be able to think clearly whether they are interested in the position or not.

  1. Check the Candidate’s Quest for Learning:

The task of a WordPress developer is unique. He doesn’t have to perform the same duties on a daily basis, but he has to align with the fast-pacing world and new updates. A developer has to acquire knowledge about the new features and language upgrades.

A person who has a thirst for knowledge and who remains ready to learn every time can only do proper justice with the role of a WordPress developer. So, look for a candidate who possesses an inherent quest for knowledge. Such a person would learn about new things with full enthusiasm rather than just considering it as a burden.

  1. Check the Ability to Handle Post-Development Maintenance:

The task of a WordPress developer is not only to create a website but also to handle the post-maintenance. Your WordPress developer should also have an ability to keep track of your website and regular follow-up for post-development maintenance.

The themes and plugins of WordPress keep updating with time. Some of these updates can disintegrate a portion of your website or negatively affect its functionality. Your developer will have to address all these issues afterward.

A smart developer or a developer who has done the task of post-development maintenance before can only handle all these things with ease. So, check all these things in his portfolio as well.

  1. The Developer must have the Knowledge of Website Security:

The security of your website is a very important task. Usually, threats like SQL injection, password thefts, and cross-site scripting attacks keep hovering over websites. Even your website can become a victim of a cyber-attack or virus if the software isn’t updated regularly.

So, a person who has adequate knowledge of website security can only keep your WordPress website secure from all these things. If your website developer & WordPress Development Company won’t protect your website against all such threats, then there is a huge risk of hacking.

It will be a big loss for your data and revenue. So, the best thing will be to hire a WordPress developer who has sound knowledge of website security.

  1. Evaluate the SEO Knowledge of Candidates:

WordPress websites are SEO friendly. So, your website developer should have basic knowledge of SEO as well. Sometimes, he will have to use that knowledge in developing or maintaining a site; so having knowledge of SEO will be a plus point.

A person with SEO knowledge will understand responsive designs. He will be able to select themes or plugins to benefits not only the looks or functionality but also the ranking of your website. Plus, he will be able to align your website with the changing SEO trends by maintaining it properly.

  1. Give Preference to Experience:

The experience of a developer also matters a lot. You can easily evaluate an experienced candidate by seeing his past work or reading the client testimonials. Plus, such a person will be able to handle your work with more ease than a fresher.

You won’t have to guide him at every step as he will know his job better than anyone else. If you don’t know much about WordPress, then it’s a must to hire an experienced person who doesn’t need much guidance.

  1. Check the Soft Skills as Well:

Don’t hire a candidate solely on the basis of his technical knowledge or experience. Along with it, consider his soft skills as well. The communication, time management, and other soft skills of a candidate will affect the whole work.

A person with good soft skills will be able to work in a better way than a person who only knows about technical things. Plus, soft skills are a must for any type of job. So, you shouldn’t neglect them at the expense of good technical skills.

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