Tips For Moving Up The Rankings

Regardless of whether this will be your first website or you are updating an old one, the main aim is to get your site on the first two or three pages of the search engine results. If you want viewers to go to your page, it needs to be near the top as research has shown that users tend to only look at the first three pages and then change the search criteria if what they are after does not appear. Apart from paying to be on the first page of results, how else can you make sure you are among the top ones? Here are a few tips the experts recommend, and hopefully they will put your website on the first couple of pages.

Tips For Moving Up The Rankings

Search Engine Optimization with Keywords

Start with making a list of focus keywords that will attract the audience you are aiming for. Don’t make them too generalized or competitive and use analytics to narrow down the best ones for your brand. Including a place name often helps as people tend to include them in their searches. Some sites will use the same keywords many times over with just a different place name on the end.

Elements the Search Engine Will Understand

Search engines work in different ways but there are some things they will all understand and use towards your ranking. For instance, every page of your site should have a title of fewer than 70 characters and a meta description of less than 155. There should be subheadings in H1 and H2 and at least one of them should include the keywords.

Don’t Let It Become Stale

Your content needs to be updated on a regular basis, and older pieces should be updated too. The search engines disregard anything they feel is irrelevant and good informative content is vital. It does not have to be written text. They can take videos and images into account, but even these will need refreshing eventually.

It’s all About Numbers

Apart from all of the above, the main element that search engines work on is the number of viewers that are attracted to your site and how long they stay on it. This may seem easier said than done as the whole point of moving up the rankings is to attract more viewers.

To start with at least, you need to find other ways to get people clicking on your website. Social media can be a good way to get your brand and site known, and you could even run a competition on there. Just make like your social media page part of the criteria for entry and you will be amazed by how many new followers you will get. If you need help building your brand, a creative agency or Web Designs Services like Upswing Creative is worth trying.

As search engines now take account of social media too, this can be a great help to get you moving up the rankings.

The problem with search engines is they change the way they work often, but there are some things, such as the great content, that has always mattered and still does.

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