What is A/B Testing and How to Use it – Complete Tutorial

ab testing

We also know A / B Testing as Split Testing or Bucket Testing. A / B Testing works to compare two types of WebPages or applications. In A / B testing we have to show the user two Webpages in Random. Then see Comparison of both.

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Suppose we make two types of WebPages that look a like but do some changes on them to see which webpage’s performance is better. We select that webpage which is good for performance.

As you are seeing two of the above images which are similar WebPages but have been done on Page B as some Changes Experiment. If B gives a better performance than Page A, then we remove A Page. In this way we have come to know that Performance of Page B was better than Page A. This process is going to run continuously. Then we again replace B Page with A Page and make a new B page by making some changes. Again, both the Page Randomly Users are shown. Then we comparison the two again, then we see that performance was better than both of them. In this way, with the help of A / B Testing Tool, we can get more Clicks from our advertisement or you can do more Sales Renewal than your advertisement. With the help of A / B Testing Tool, we can also increase our Adsense income.

Why We Should A / B Test

  • A / B Testing is a tool for checking the performance of Web pages or Web Applications with the help of different variants.
  • With the constant use of A / B testing we can increase the Growth of our WebPages.
  • This can help you to get information about your WebPages or Adv Units. Many Case Study tells us how we can increase our earnings with the help of A / B Testing.

We now try to know the detail of A / B testing.

Collect Data: First of all, you will add data of WebPages with your Low Conversion Rates and then you will get as much information as possible of those WebPages.

Identify Goals: Goals means purpose. Under normal words we can say that you will try to know your purpose why you want to do A / B testing. Meaning you have to get more Clicks from your Blog or WebPages or Sell a Product

Hypothesis: Then you have to think about some changes in your Current WebPages based on the hypothesis that how this change can be helpful in the growth of our business.
Implementation: Just then do you just have to give your hypothesis a realistic look. Meaning you now have to change what you thought in your WebPages.

Results: This is Last Step. Knowing your results that your change has improved your results or if there is no improvement, there is no need to be frustrated yet again you can do A / B Test. Yes, it is a matter of always keeping in mind that you have to continue this process continuously, do not stop this process. Even if you are successful, then you have to do this test again so that you can get better results in the future.

A / B Testing and Digital Marketing

Google also encourages A / B testing. But keep in mind the terms of some SEOs or you may also have to face Penalty.

Cloaking: Cloaking is such a medium in which we create pages in such a way that your content is different for Search Engine and there is a separate content for visitors. Keeping Cloaking’s attention while doing A / B testing, otherwise you may have to face Google Penalty.

Use of Canonical: You have forgotten to use Canonical Meta Tag while doing A / B testing. Canonical Meta Tag Helps Search Engine Search Your Main Page. Canonical Meta Tag helps protect your Duplicate Content Issue

Permanent Redirection v / s Temporary Redirection: When you redirect your page, it should be noted that if you use the 302 code only 301 Code is used for Permanent Redirection and 302 is redirection for Temporary Redirection.

CONCLUSION: Whether you want to earn money with the help of ADSENSE or to increase the sales of your product, you will see A / B TESTING being used as a miracle.

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