What is memory in computer?

You all know that a computer is an electronic machine, and does all its work with digital technology. Digital refers to the binary digit. The binary digit is displayed from 0 and 1. Data and messages are also stored in the computer with the help of a binary digit. Memory is the part of the computer that is used to store data (data, files).

Classification of Memory

Computer memory is classified into two parts.

  • Primary memory
  • Secondary Memory
  1. Primary Memory

The primary memory of a computer is also called internal or main memory because the data or programs being executed by the CPU are stored in the primary memory. After executing by the CPU, the data stored in the primary memory is removed and new data is loaded into the primary memory. Primary memory is very fast.

Type of primary memory

There are three types of primary memory of a computer.

1.RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM is a temporary memory of a computer because the data stored in it is destroyed when the computer is turned off, this memory is used to store programs executing on the CPU. After the implementation of the program by the CPU, the data stored in RAM is removed and new data is stored in the RAM, in this memory, information can be stored anywhere. RAM capacity can range from 6 megabytes to 8 GHz bytes.

Type of RAM

Two types are used in RAM computers.

(1) Dynamic RAM

Store information in RAM has to be rewritten after a few seconds, otherwise, these notifications expire. Dynamic RAM has a high storage capacity. Dynamic RAM speed is low. Dynamic RAM is cheaper.

(2) Static RAM

There is no need to rewrite the information in static memory. Store information in it as long as the current flows in it. Static RAM has a low storage capacity. The speed of static RAM is high. static RAM is expensive.

2.Read-only memory (ROM)

The information held in read-only memory can only be read. Nothing can be written nor information written in this memory can be changed. It is a permanent memory. On closing the computer, the data stored in it is not destroyed. In this memory, information is stored at the time of computer construction.

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Store programs in the ROM are executed automatically as soon as the computer is turned on. These programs examine all the devices of the computer and bring them into an active state. The store program in ROM is called BIOS (Basic Input Output System).

PROM (Programmable Read-Only Memory)

This type of ROM is initially empty, in which the user can store his program from special devices. Once programs are stored, they cannot be changed or removed.

EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory)

It is similar to memory prom (PROM). But in this, the store program can be removed and rewritten with the help of Ultra Violet Rays.

EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory)

This memory is similar to that of EPROM. But in it the store program can be removed and rewritten with the help of the electrical method.

3.Cache Memory

It is the primary memory of a computer that transfers data through the accumulator, ie from one place to another. When we save a file, it transfers the data.

(2)Secondary Memory

This memory is also called external or auxiliary memory. This memory is cheaper than primary memory. The information stored in this memory is not destroyed after the computer is closed, it stores the data permanently, hence it is also called permanent memory. Secondary memory has much higher data storage capacity than primary memory.

Secondary memory is of different types on a computer. Which is given below.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

The hard disk is the secondary memory of the computer which is permanently installed. Hard disks can also be used by the CPU to load data and programs and store data. Currently, hard disks with capacities up to 500 GHz byte are being used. Hard disks should be run in a dustless and cool environment.

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CD and CD Drive

The CD-ROM uses a laser beam to record and read the spiral track data of a compact read-only memory disk. The capacity to store data in this memory is 400 megabytes. It is also a permanent memory that permanently stores data which can be easily carried and carried information from one computer to another computer.

DVD (Digital Video Disk)

This memory is like a CD disk but its data storage capacity is more than CD disk is 4.4 GHz byte.

BRD (Blue-ray disk)

This memory is like a DVD disc but its data storage capacity is more than a DVD disk, ranging from 25 GHz by 128 Gigabytes.

Pen Drive

It is a computer’s secondary and permanent USB flash memory drive that stores data permanently.

Magnetic Tapes

It is the secondary memory of a computer, magnetic tape is a well-known storage medium used in large computer systems. The data is stored on magnetic tape and read respectively. Magnetic tape is available in many rilos.

Floppy and Floppy Disk Drive

The floppy is a flexible 3.5-inch diameter circular disk coated with plastic and made of magnetic material. It is placed in a square plastic jacket. Its data storage capacity is very less. This memory is currently depleted due to its low usage.

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