What is Spam Score – How To Reduce Website’s Moz Spam Score

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In today’s time, there are many bloggers who are spam score, how to check out blog’s spam score, and how to reduce the website’s spam score, trying to find answers to all these questions, but very few people It is understandable because it is entirely related to blog SEO and it is also extremely important to know better at the time, otherwise you may have to face major damage to your site further.

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In today’s time, there are very few bloggers who pay attention to this, in Actually I am also one of them because I have never given attention to this and went on to do search engine optimization, as a result of which today my site Also has become spam score 3.

What is Spam Score?

Basically, spam score has been developed by SEO data and software company Moz to measure website quality. It tells spammy score of any website according to the points of spam flags, which resides between 0-17. If a site gets spam score 17, then it points to the point that the domain has blacklisted in google, and now it will never be seen in the search results.

Suppose if a site has a score of 1,2,3 or 4, then there is no harm to it, but yes it should be carefully followed that it is dangerous for your website in the coming time. Could.

Because if a blog gets spam score of 5 or 6, then the webmaster should agree that one thing is a warning from Google.

If a score of 7, 8, or more of a blog has to be changed, then it should be changed to its domain and those mistakes must not be repetitive, it must be thought deeply about this and make a lot of changes in your SEO strategy. needed.

If seen, the blog’s spam score is up to 4, there is no problem in google search, nor does Google take any harmful action for that domain, but if more than that, the spammy domain is called google search. And the domain is also blacklisted by google if it is too high.

How do checks the website’s spam score?

If you want to check your blog’s spam score then this is a very easy process and you do not have to spend any money in it because you have a free tool Moz open site explorer can use.

When you use this online tool, you will only need to put a blog URL to analyze it, just a few moments later, your blog’s report will be in front of your eyes.

Not only this, with the Moz site explorer you will also be able to see reports about your blog’s DA PA score and inbound links.

Here you are showing screenshots by checking xyz.com (site is hidden) as an example, which will make it easier for you to understand how the spam score report finally shows on the open site explorer –


In the report you can see that xyz website spam score is 3 and showing green signal which means that the domain is not spammy right now.

By the way, if you want, you can use the Moz toolbar instead of using the spam score checker tool to check all these reports. This is a Moz chrome extension that you can install in your Chrome browser for free. It does not have to spend any money for this.

By the way, most of the blogger mozbar chrome installs in the browser, because the information of the DA PA and spam flags of any blog is easily known to link, and the address of the high quality site quickly becomes –



How to reduce blog spam score?

The biggest reason for any website’s increase in this score is spammy links. If there is excessive low-quality backlinks on a blog or the spam rate of links is high, then spam score is also increased on that blog.

To say it means we should completely avoid making links for our website which are poor in quality. Some people make many links in one day, it is also very wrong to do this because spam rates also increase in this way.

If we want to reduce the spam score of our blog, then we need to find low quality and spammy links that are linked to your site and should be disawoved by making a list of such links.

When you remove such bad bad links from your blog, Moz algorithm will scan the blog again once again, the new link will reduce the spam score according to the quality, and this is possible only when you are completely The lower quality links will have been removed from your domain.

In addition, Moz algorithm uses the following factor to provide the blog’s spam score –

Low Moz Trust or Moz rank:

The Moz rank and Moz trust low of any blog only happen when there is an excessive amount of incoming links and excessive low-quality links, which means there are no such trustworthy backlinks on the blog, the biggest reason for the increase of spam score is.

Large site with Few Links:

If a blog is 2-3 years old and has 400-500 articles then it is called big site. Now if there are very few backlinks on such a website, then spam rates are also increased because of Moz algorithm and search engine bots. links check the profile and see that according to the website age, its content has not been linked by any other websites, so it seems that there is no good content on this site.

Site Link Diversity Low:

A blog that has very little links or can even say that a blog has got backlinks from very few websites or the number of referring domains is very low, it is called the low site link Diversity.

If the link diversity of a site is low then its spam score is also increased. So if the score is to be reduced, then we will also need to increase the number of referring domain of links found on our blog.

Follow and nofollow links Ratio:

The backlink ratio of any blog also affects a great extent, so if we want to reduce the score, when making links, then it should be noted that creating backlinks according to the ratio of 50% dofollow and 50% nofollow links. Otherwise, the spam score increases if the ratio drops.

High Anchor Text Ratio:

When creating backlinks for your blog, you should take special care of anchor text because I have noticed that if you get more links with the name of your blog, which are called branded links, they badly damage the SEO ranking very badly.

So we should make branded links very little and if it is not made it is best because they affect anchor text ratio.
Due to making such excessive links, spam score increases. To avoid this, 1% -10% should create backlinks for anchor text only.

Thin Content:

Google algorithm always scans sites with such poor content and keeps giving them penalties.

Blogs that contain information on very few words are treated as spam because of such content being called low-quality content, due to the thin content of such a blog, spam score remains high.

However, according to some experts, every single blog post should be written in at least 300 words but I believe so many words are not enough. According to me the post would have been better written at least 700 words, it would reduce the risk of increasing spam score. it happens.

A large Number of External Links:

If external links are added to a blog, its chances of increasing the spam score are increased.

Therefore, while writing a post, it is important to note that if you have a 1000 words post, then you should add only one external link and that should also be linked to an authority website whose spam score is Zero or less than 4.

Anchor Text Heavy Page:

If a lot of external website links are used on many blogs in anchor text, then it comes in the category of Anchor Text Heavy Page, which causes spam score to increase.

In order to avoid this problem, the post should not always add too many anchor text or close links to another website.

No Contact Info:

Google does not always like these blogs and treats them as spam that does not have contact information such as owner email address, social media profile etc. The same thing goes on Moz consolidation, so the spam score of such blogs is increased.

TLD Correlated with Spam Domains:

Websites that are created on a subdomain like mywebsite.webhostingsite.com, have their spam score high because Google treats such subdomain as low quality and correlated TLD.

So whenever you want to create a site, you should only create it at the top level domain.

Domain Name Contains Numerals:

Those blogs whose numbers in numbers like 123, 42 are added are flagged separately for Moz spam score.

Such domains that contain numbers such as blogging51.com etc. are provided by spam Moz by spam, because they are not counted in the category of trustworthy domains.

Site Mark-Up is Abnormally Small:

Such blogs, which have more HTML than text than JavaScript, then such a site also gets more spam score.

Low Number of Internal Links:

The blog posts that contain weak linking are also spam flagged. Therefore, to prevent spam score from moving, strong linking is important in every single post.

External Links in Navigation:

If there are too many external website links in the menus, footer or sidebar, then such a site’s spam score is high.

Therefore, too much links to any other website should not be added anywhere in the stated part of your website.

Low Number of Pages Found:

The number of low-quality pages in any blog is as good as the spam score increases due to such pages. If for some reason these pages have to be created, they should prevent them from being indexed in search engines by doing this by reducing spam flags.

Domain Name Length:

Websites that have a very high domain length are also spam flagged. We should choose only a domain whose length is small and the user is easily remembered.

So these were some of the factors that caused the website’s spam score to grow, which I have tried to tell you a little bit about. If you do blogging by keeping things mentioned above, you can decrease the blog’s spam score. If you like this info, please share the same.

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